18 Questions About Music Tag

For those of you who don’t already know, I am a huge music fan. To be honest, I take music a bit more seriously than I probably should. That’s why I am extremely excited to answer the questions from this somewhat outdated tag. ūüôā GIF courtesy of giphy.com Which bands/artist do you own the mostContinue reading “18 Questions About Music Tag”

Teen Vogue-Inspired “Playlist of My Life”…so far

GIF courtesy of giphy.com Hi there! I think we all have songs that act as the soundtrack to our lives and I’ve been loving watching Teen Vogue’s “Playlist of My Life” series so much that I wanted to share mine. Welcome to the Playlist of My Life…so far (with some amusing memories associated with someContinue reading “Teen Vogue-Inspired “Playlist of My Life”…so far”

Tagtober: The 20 Questions TAG!

Alright. So, I found two “20 Questions Tag”s with different questions, so I just morphed the two tags. 1.Thing you cannot leave the house without? My cell phone…for security reasons, of course. 2.Favorite brand of makeup? MAC (foundation and concealer) and Revlon (lips). 3.Favorite Flowers? Wisteria. It has a breathtakingly magical quality about it. It’sContinue reading “Tagtober: The 20 Questions TAG!”

Tagtober: The This or That TAG!

Makeup:¬†Disclaimer: I know basically nothing about makeup. Carry on (Beyonce reference.). blush or bronzer: blush lip gloss or lipstick: lipstick eye liner or mascara: eyeliner foundation or concealer: concealer neutral or color eye shadow: neutral pressed or loose eye shadows: What’s the difference? pressed because I suppose loose is messier. brushes or sponges:¬†both? Nails: OPIContinue reading “Tagtober: The This or That TAG!”


All Time¬†Favorite:¬†Either Prison Break, Scandal, The Vampire Diaries, or How To Get Away With Murder Current addiction:¬†Being Mary Jane and The Vampire Diaries Wishlist: every single Disney Channel Original Movie and every single Disney Channel television series that began before 2010. Pet peeve: the fact that Netflix does not have¬†every single Disney Channel Original MovieContinue reading “Tagtober: THE NETFLIX TAG!”

Tagtober: The Sweater Weather Tag!

Hello everyone! Before I begin, I want to thank the lovely¬†ScaleSimple¬†for nominating me to complete the Sweater Weather Tag! The Rules: “Answer the questions below.” “Tag the person who nominated you.” “Tag some of your favorite blogs, prompting them to complete the ‚Äúsweater weather tag‚ÄĚ for themselves.” Favorite Candle Scent: This may sound strange, butContinue reading “Tagtober: The Sweater Weather Tag!”

Tagtober: The Wanderlust Tag!

Where was your first plane to? The Bahamas Where have you travelled to that you would like to visit again? California. Yes, just yes. You are leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going? ¬†Either Milan, Venice, or Dubai. Preferred method of travelling? Car (haha, when I’m not the one driving.) Favourite travelContinue reading “Tagtober: The Wanderlust Tag!”