18 Questions About Music Tag

For those of you who don’t already know, I am a huge music fan. To be honest, I take music a bit more seriously than I probably should. That’s why I am extremely excited to answer the questions from this somewhat outdated tag. 🙂 GIF courtesy of giphy.com Which bands/artist do you own the mostContinue reading “18 Questions About Music Tag”


April 1st, 2019: A few years ago, I had no idea what I wanted I do, so I made a decision to “say yes” to every opportunity that came my way to see where it led. I believed if something was presented to me, it was meant for me and that the doors that openedContinue reading “Yes”

Denotation vs. Connotation: Ignorance

Denotation: The denotation “the literal or primary meaning of a word” of ignorance is the “lack of knowledge or information”. Connotation: The connotation “an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning” of ignorance is widely accepted as negative. All ignorance is is not being educated on aContinue reading “Denotation vs. Connotation: Ignorance”

Cherish The Moment!

Alright. So, a few nights ago, I discovered that Bearville has been shut down. Once I heard this, the nostalgia hit me. As a child, like most children, I was teeming with excitement at the prospect of growing up and becoming a “big kid” and now that I am a “big kid”,  I don’t think I would trade my childhood for anything.Continue reading “Cherish The Moment!”

Inspirational Quotes Part Two (Disney Edition)

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”-Rafiki, The Lion King “The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability.”-Remy, Ratatouille “If watching is all you’re going to do, then you’re going to watch your life go by without you.”-Laverne, The Hunchback ofContinue reading “Inspirational Quotes Part Two (Disney Edition)”