February Favorites

Hello beautiful reader!

It’s a new month! You know what that means? A new list of favorites! That and a reminder that you don’t have to wait for New Year’s Day for a fresh start. Every moment can be a chance to better yourself.

The latter is more of a personal matter. I can’t really help you too much with that, but as for the former, I’m your girl. So, without further ado, here are my February favorites.

  • Food that Made Me Smile
    • Yuca Fries
    • Grilled Onions
      • Specifically, the next time you bake chicken, throw some raw onions in the pan. The onions grilled in the chicken broth are amazing.
    • Homemade Stovetop French Onion Soup
      • Grill some onions and drop them in beef broth. Throw some asiago cheese on top and toss some croutons in there. For the icing on the cake, serve the dish with some French bread on the side.
  • Artists
    • YouTube commentary channels
      • The Take because I am a self-proclaimed film buff. If you enjoy dissecting shows, movies and commonly used tropes, I highly recommend.
      • Khadija Mbowe‘s videos really feel like visual research papers in the most exciting way possible. I’ve learned so much from watching her videos.
      • Tee Noir
      • Dangelo Wallace
  • Film/TV Shows
  • Music

What are your February Favorites? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you have a lovely day.

With love,



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Morgan Peace is the author of Piece by Peace: A Collection of Musings. She had created this blog to share the pebbles of wisdom that she picks up on her journey. https://morganpeace.com/

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