4 Ways To Travel The World Without Leaving Your House

So, you love the idea of traveling more than the act of traveling. You love the idea of learning about new cultures, but you’re hesitant about stepping out of your comfort zone. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place! Learn a new language! Something I’ve learned from Damon and Jo isContinue reading “4 Ways To Travel The World Without Leaving Your House”


January 28th, 2020: Once upon a time, when I was in middle school, a boy called me a bitch. I asked him to stop, but he just kept repeating it with a smile on his face. I, then, told him to stop in a more assertive tone, but that didn’t faze him. So, I wentContinue reading “somebody”


April 1st, 2019: A few years ago, I had no idea what I wanted I do, so I made a decision to “say yes” to every opportunity that came my way to see where it led. I believed if something was presented to me, it was meant for me and that the doors that openedContinue reading “Yes”


Saturday, March 28th, 2020: Adults think in terms of relativity. “I shouldn’t eat that today. I’ll save it for tomorrow.” “I’m preserving my energy for this weekend.” “If I stay up to watch this movie tonight, tomorrow will be ruined. I’ll be too tired to do anything.” Why do we do that? GIF courtesy ofContinue reading “relativity”


Saturday, March 28th, 2020: Attending five different schools between the ages of three years old and seventeen years old taught me a lesson that many people have to move away from home to learn: there is rarely a right or wrong way to do something.  The truth is there are infinitely different ways to doContinue reading “THE RIGHT WAY”

Pet Peeves: Part 1

1. Word counts: I believe that a teacher who assigns a required “at least” word count does not truly care about a student’s genuine response to the essay topic. Just this past week, I wrote an essay for one of my classes. It represented exactly what I intended to portray as my response to theContinue reading “Pet Peeves: Part 1”

7 Types Of Teachers As Disney Characters

The “Fairy Godmother”: Often comes in the form of a kind, elderly substitute teacher. This teacher usually has many fun and interesting life stories to share with the class. The “Genie”: Often comes in the form of a relatively young teacher. This teacher is normally extremely chill. If they were any more chill, they would be Elsa.Continue reading “7 Types Of Teachers As Disney Characters”