What Does Your “Rich” Life Look Like?

I’ve forgotten where I’ve heard this question, but I think about it every once in a while to recalibrate my trajectory in life. To me, a person’s “rich” life is what they hope and dream their life will look like when they no longer need to work to live. I suppose it’s a similar questionContinue reading “What Does Your “Rich” Life Look Like?”

Helpful Apps For Your Inner Fashionista: Part 1

RetailMeNot has coupons for, according to their website, 50,000 stores. This app is extremely helpful. Whenever I’m shopping, online and in store, I check the app for possible coupons for the store I am in before I make my purchase. Have you ever seen someone wearing a nice item of clothing, on television, the internet, or inContinue reading “Helpful Apps For Your Inner Fashionista: Part 1”

Some Tools For: Making Money (In High School)

Here are some completely legal and school rule abiding ways to make money while in high school (these can be applied to people outside of high school as well.) 1) Get a part time job: this is the most reliable way to make money in high school because it is a steady flow of income. 2) Create items (ie:Continue reading “Some Tools For: Making Money (In High School)”