What Does Your “Rich” Life Look Like?

I’ve forgotten where I’ve heard this question, but I think about it every once in a while to recalibrate my trajectory in life. To me, a person’s “rich” life is what they hope and dream their life will look like when they no longer need to work to live. I suppose it’s a similar questionContinue reading “What Does Your “Rich” Life Look Like?”


June 2nd, 2020: “Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.” – Maggie Kuhn Sometimes, the people in our lives say things that don’t sit well with us. Don’t let it slide. Address it with love. Breathe. Take your time. Read the room. Sleep on it, if you must. But, have the conversation if it’sContinue reading “LEAD WITH LOVE”

Inspirational Quotes for Trying Times

Hello beautiful reader, I used to be obsessed with inspirational quotes when I was in high school. (I still have multiple Pinterest boards dedicated to them.) Whenever I needed a boost of inspiration or a change in perspective, I would look for quotes. In fact, although my first blog post was a playlist of myContinue reading “Inspirational Quotes for Trying Times”

Finding My Why

Actual footage of me searching for my “why”. (GIF courtesy of giphy.com) Recently, I’ve been noticing a recurring theme pop up in my life: the importance of understanding my “why.” Why do I do what I do? Wait. What do I do? When I focus on my “why” rather than my “what,” I find thatContinue reading “Finding My Why”

One Girl’s Guide: 3 Tips to Help You Glo Up…

…on the Inside: Love Yourself. I know this sounds unbelievably cheesy and generic, but hear me out. Self love is really important. We spend so much time trying to figure out how to change our physical appearance so that we can reach some goal that, for some reason, we think is unattainable (“I need toContinue reading “One Girl’s Guide: 3 Tips to Help You Glo Up…”

Why I Love This Blog

I recently took an English class and one of the requirements for the class was that we had to create a blog and post blog posts with argumentative content that pertained to our class discussions, each being a minimum of 500 words. Come to find out the structure was far less like blog posts andContinue reading “Why I Love This Blog”

One Girl’s Guide to a Single’s Valentine’s Day

Today’s playlist includes: “Love Myself” by Hailey Steinfield and “Reflection” by Fifth Harmony Click here for the rest of this post’s playlist. 🙂 Ah, Valentine’s Day. The one day of the year where everywhere I look, I see couples. Contrary to popular belief, being single on Valentine’s Day really isn’t that bad. There are twoContinue reading “One Girl’s Guide to a Single’s Valentine’s Day”

I’ve Gone International!?

Dear lovely reader, I would like to begin by wishing you a healthy and genuinely happy new year. I have been checking my stats recently and I have noticed that every once in a while, I get views and visitors from different countries and whenever I see this, I get extremely excited. To be able to seeContinue reading “I’ve Gone International!?”

5 Stylish Celebs We Love

1) Zendaya: Ever since “Shake It Up”, Zendaya’s unique and adventurous style has been evident. My favorite thing about her style is that it is never repetitive. It is great that she enjoys trying new things and expressing herself through her fashion. 2) Harry Styles: His style has had a massive evolution over the past couple ofContinue reading “5 Stylish Celebs We Love”