Confession: I’m Not Nice, Just Shy

Hello, Before I begin, I would like to announce that I have decided to implement a new aspect to my blog posts…theme songs! From now on, I will try to give each post at least one theme song just to make things a little more fun. The theme songs can: a) give you something to listen toContinue reading “Confession: I’m Not Nice, Just Shy”

Some Tools For: Making Money (In High School)

Here are some completely legal and school rule abiding ways to make money while in high school (these can be applied to people outside of high school as well.) 1) Get a part time job: this is the most reliable way to make money in high school because it is a steady flow of income. 2) Create items (ie:Continue reading “Some Tools For: Making Money (In High School)”

Some Tools For: Surviving High School

Pencils: to take notes. I used to believe the only information I gained from high school was what I  memorized “learned” to later regurgitate for a grade. That’s not the case. I learned: How to deal with difficult teachers = How to deal with difficult bosses. How to productively manage stress. How to manage my time. Highlighters: payContinue reading “Some Tools For: Surviving High School”