“Chrysalis” – Chapter 5

Click here to listen to this post’s playlist while you read 🙂 Without further ado, here is “Chrysalis” – Chapter 5. “There is no place like home.” – L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz She allowed the blue hallway to guide her as the man in the purple suit’s words began to echoContinue reading ““Chrysalis” – Chapter 5″

“Chrysalis” – Chapter 1

I thought I’d switch it up this week and tell you all a story that’s been resting on my heart and stored away in my mind (and on Pinterest) for about a year now. Backstory: I originally planned for this story to be a more whimsical, slightly fictionalized, metaphorical companion piece to my book, PieceContinue reading ““Chrysalis” – Chapter 1″