4 Ways To Travel The World Without Leaving Your House

So, you love the idea of traveling more than the act of traveling. You love the idea of learning about new cultures, but you’re hesitant about stepping out of your comfort zone. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place! Learn a new language! Something I’ve learned from Damon and Jo isContinue reading “4 Ways To Travel The World Without Leaving Your House”

One Girl’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Hello beautiful reader, I am writing this post to share some of the tips & tricks I’ve learned over the years to maintain a healthy diet (not “diet” like “on a diet,” but “diet” like “what I normally eat.”) GIF courtesy of giphy.com Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, dietary specialist, professional nutritionist norContinue reading “One Girl’s Guide to Healthy Eating”

One Girl’s Guide to Meditation

Hello beautiful reader, Many of us have a very specific idea of what meditation is. Consequently, many of us believe we just don’t have the attention span for it, so we write meditation off as “not for me.” Photo courtesy of DVDizzy.com Although this is the idea we’ve seen more often, both in the mediaContinue reading “One Girl’s Guide to Meditation”

One Girl’s Guide to “New Year, New Me”

Forgive Yourself You may or may not have had goals for 2019 that you didn’t end up achieving. I know I did. I actually didn’t achieve most of what I set out to accomplish. But, guess what. Life isn’t just about accomplishing goals as quickly as you can. Life can also be about growth andContinue reading “One Girl’s Guide to “New Year, New Me””

One Girl’s Guide: 3 Tips to Help You Glo Up…

…on the Inside: Love Yourself. I know this sounds unbelievably cheesy and generic, but hear me out. Self love is really important. We spend so much time trying to figure out how to change our physical appearance so that we can reach some goal that, for some reason, we think is unattainable (“I need toContinue reading “One Girl’s Guide: 3 Tips to Help You Glo Up…”

One Girl’s Guide to a Single’s Valentine’s Day

Today’s playlist includes: “Love Myself” by Hailey Steinfield and “Reflection” by Fifth Harmony Click here for the rest of this post’s playlist. 🙂 Ah, Valentine’s Day. The one day of the year where everywhere I look, I see couples. Contrary to popular belief, being single on Valentine’s Day really isn’t that bad. There are twoContinue reading “One Girl’s Guide to a Single’s Valentine’s Day”

3 Tips for Effortless Beauty: One Girl’s Guide

Today’s Theme Song: “Flawless” by Beyoncé Disclaimer: Before you read any further, can we just establish that you are already beautiful just the way you are? Yes? Okay, cool. Carry on. I feel as though anyone can be outwardly beautiful with the help of makeup and a nice hairstyle, but I believe that only trulyContinue reading “3 Tips for Effortless Beauty: One Girl’s Guide”

3 Steps to Higher Self Esteem: One Girl’s Guide

Today’s Theme Music: “Confident” by Demi Lovato, “Simple & Sweet” by Jon Bellion, and “Love Myself” by Hailey Seinfeld 1.The grass is always greener on the other side, so look at yourself from the other side every once in a while: Let’s say I don’t like my hair because it reacts to humidity in aContinue reading “3 Steps to Higher Self Esteem: One Girl’s Guide”

3 Steps To: Finding Happiness

Step 1: Stop Looking Step 2: Acknowledge the fact that there is no such thing as perfection and if we spend our lives looking for something that we believe will help us obtain happiness, once we obtain it, we will spend our whole lives feeling as though we are unable to truly be happy without thatContinue reading “3 Steps To: Finding Happiness”

Some Tools For: Surviving High School

Pencils: to take notes. I used to believe the only information I gained from high school was what I  memorized “learned” to later regurgitate for a grade. That’s not the case. I learned: How to deal with difficult teachers = How to deal with difficult bosses. How to productively manage stress. How to manage my time. Highlighters: payContinue reading “Some Tools For: Surviving High School”