The Dream Gap

May 16th, 2020: Having all this extra time to think is really bringing up memories and allowing me to connect dots. When I was little, I changed my dream career every few months, but the one thing that stayed constant was that my “dream job” always felt like a given. It never felt out ofContinue reading “The Dream Gap”


January 28th, 2020: Once upon a time, when I was in middle school, a boy called me a bitch. I asked him to stop, but he just kept repeating it with a smile on his face. I, then, told him to stop in a more assertive tone, but that didn’t faze him. So, I wentContinue reading “somebody”

Memorable Instances of Representation From My Childhood: Part 1

Hello beautiful reader, Growing up, I experienced very few instances of feeling truly represented. As a Black girl with glasses, there was a thin line between the almost unrealistically nerdy Black friend with glasses and an actual three dimensional Black character who wears glasses and has their own story arc or anything resembling character development.Continue reading “Memorable Instances of Representation From My Childhood: Part 1”


Saturday, March 28th, 2020: Attending five different schools between the ages of three years old and seventeen years old taught me a lesson that many people have to move away from home to learn: there is rarely a right or wrong way to do something.  The truth is there are infinitely different ways to doContinue reading “THE RIGHT WAY”


April 18th, 2020: I made a short film at 4:00 a.m. and just posted it on Instagram. I keep checking my notifications, but I need to stop that. The joy should be in the making the thing, not how people react. Even when making it, I was rushing to post it on Instagram. I’m workingContinue reading “Morgan”


May 17th, 2020: The difference between treating someone with respect and having respect for someone is a fundamental part of my understanding of how to interact with other individuals. Treating someone with respect says far more about me than it does about the other person. However, for me to have respect for that other person,Continue reading “R E S P E C T”

One Girl’s Guide to Meditation

Hello beautiful reader, Many of us have a very specific idea of what meditation is. Consequently, many of us believe we just don’t have the attention span for it, so we write meditation off as “not for me.” Photo courtesy of Although this is the idea we’ve seen more often, both in the mediaContinue reading “One Girl’s Guide to Meditation”

Finding My Why

Actual footage of me searching for my “why”. (GIF courtesy of Recently, I’ve been noticing a recurring theme pop up in my life: the importance of understanding my “why.” Why do I do what I do? Wait. What do I do? When I focus on my “why” rather than my “what,” I find thatContinue reading “Finding My Why”

2.0: A Continuation

In 2014, I created this blog under the pen name, “Phoenix Crimson”. This blog was my home on the internet. I decorated it with a beautiful theme and customized it the way I wanted it to look. It was one of the few things I had control over as a 16 year old. Then, IContinue reading “2.0: A Continuation”

College-Induced Anxiety…It’s Actually A Good Thing?

In the Fall of 2015, I took a class called “Stress and Anxiety Management” and boy, did it come in handy on the night before the first day of my spring semester. If I’m speaking truthfully, a majority of the information I learned in that class is a blur, but I did remember, in my opinion,Continue reading “College-Induced Anxiety…It’s Actually A Good Thing?”

Finding Myself Again

The other night, I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to do a little doodle on a piece of college ruled paper and then color it all in. It ended up taking me a few hours, but I enjoyed every moment of it. This is something I used to do a lotContinue reading “Finding Myself Again”

Before I Was Phoenix Crimson

Back in middle school, I began writing a book. It compared me to my alter ego, a version of my childhood imaginary friend, Alexa. I would write about something that happened to me at school and how I reacted to it and then follow it up with what Alexa would have done. I think IContinue reading “Before I Was Phoenix Crimson”