“Chrysalis” – Chapter 3

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Without further ado, here is “Chrysalis” – Chapter 3.

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”
– J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)

The girl quickly turned around to see a door standing in the middle of her living room with a sign hanging on the doorknob that read, “Open me.”

And that she did.

She peeped through the open door and took note of two hallways, the one to her left was illuminated with red light and the one to her right was illuminated with blue light.

“Welcome!” She heard a voice echo from behind the door. She thought it might have been The White Rabbit’s voice, but the voice was deeper. The voice continued, “You can step inside. Close the door behind you.” A man dressed in a purple suit walked into view.

“Who are you?” She asked, still standing in her living room.

“I work for The White Rabbit.” He said, standing where the two hallways converge. “So, are you going to come in? There’s a draft.”

“Oh, sorry.” She stepped through the doorway, closing the door behind her.

The man in the purple suit continued, “You have a choice. The hallway on your left will help you find what you seek. The hallway on your right will take you back home. Which will it be?”

Yearning for adventure, she thought for a moment before saying, “The hallway on the left.”

“Go ahead. No one’s stopping you.” The man in the purple suit gestured towards the red hallway.

The girl walked past the man and through the hallway, allowing it to lead her until she happened upon a diner.

Upon entering the diner, she was met with unintelligible cheers, another person joining the party. The diner was filled with chatter, everyone talking, but not saying much.

She met a pretty boy at the party who gave her a pretty flower and said some pretty words, but she wasn’t buying it. She found it all very boring.

So, she went back the way she came, but when she opened the diner doors, the red hallway was gone. In its place, a yellow brick road appeared.

To be continued…

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