“Chrysalis” – Chapter 1

I thought I’d switch it up this week and tell you all a story that’s been resting on my heart and stored away in my mind (and on Pinterest) for about a year now.

Backstory: I originally planned for this story to be a more whimsical, slightly fictionalized, metaphorical companion piece to my book, Piece by Peace: A Collection of Musings, in the form of a visual album. However, due to the pandemic decreasing potential filming locations and the fact that my vision for this story drastically exceeds my budget, I’ve decided to try my hand at writing it out instead.

To make this story a bit more immersive, I’ve created a playlist for this post:

Click here to listen to this post’s playlist while you read 🙂

Without further ado, here is “Chrysalis” – Chapter 1.

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted. Bloom.” – Christine Caine

There once was a girl who could not wait to grow up because she was so excited about the freedom that came along with adulthood. She was neglecting the moments she was passing through as she rushed to get to adulthood, ready to take a break once she got there only to realize adulthood moved even faster.

It was only after her eighteenth birthday that she understood just how much she had taken for granted. She went from being a medium-sized fish in a small pond to being a guppy in the ocean. She began to get glimpses of everything adulthood entailed and she was afraid that she would have to change into a person she didn’t know.

She knew who she was as a child, but now that she was a grown-up, she thought the only way to become a real adult was to shed the parts of herself that made her child-like. She feared trading in her wonder and awe for having seen it all before, her imagination, what she could see with her heart, for what she could see with her eyes and her hope for “this is the way things have always been.”

She began to notice a darkness around her and she couldn’t tell if it was new or if it had always been there. She pleaded with Peter Pan, knowing she was too late. She was too old for Neverland. She’d slow down time if she could, but she told herself that wasn’t possible.

She didn’t understand why she was feeling this way, but she had faith and trusted that everything was happening for a reason. She knew she was exactly where she was meant to be.

So, she accepted what was. She even began to enjoy adulthood.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading “Chrysalis” – Chapter 1!

If you’re interested in seeing what my Pinterest board looks like, check out the section below for some of my notes.

Let me know your thoughts on it all in the comments!

Visuals that inspired this chapter:

Photo sources: caterpillar image, a seed being planted, swimming pool, a green forest, shattered rose-colored glasses


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