“Who Moved My Cheese?” in the Time of Corona

Hello beautiful reader,

My most recent read was Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. It’s an enjoyable and quick read that dives into the four main ways individuals react to change, represented by the four main characters in the story. This book uses cheese as an analogy for what we want or for what we think will make us happy once we obtain it and explores how we react when that cheese is moved farther away from us.

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Before I go any further, here is a character breakdown:

Sniff: sniffs out the cheese even when it is in his possession, allowing him to sense changes in his cheese.

Scurry: the “doer,” scurries in the direction sniff advises.

Hem: works hard to obtain his cheese, but sees cheese as static. Once he is in possession of his cheese, he becomes comfortable and complacent, believing the work is done. If his cheese is moved, he is unwilling to go find new cheese, believing that it will reappear because he has earned it.

Haw: the daydreamer. Hem’s right-hand man who, once his cheese is moved, allows himself to dream about what it would be like to go explore and find new cheese. He takes a while to build up the courage, but eventually realizes if he doesn’t search for new cheese, he probably won’t have any cheese at all.

Which one am I, you ask? Well, I’d definitely say I generally relate the most to Haw. I daydream, overthink and assess risk before I take action, but at the end of the day, I know the importance of adapting. I also relate a bit to Scurry because I listen to the Sniffs in my life and adjust my actions accordingly. This book was a nice perspective check and a reminder that not everyone reacts to change in the same way.

This message got me thinking about the varied responses to the pandemic. I think many of us are confused as to how some people don’t see the pandemic the way we do, but this book reminded me that different people have different levels of comfort with change.

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Actually, I think it’s an analogy!

There are “Sniffs” who saw the pandemic coming long before 2020 even began. 

There are “Scurries” who heeded Sniff’s warnings and took action to prevent the spread.

There are “Hems” who still choose to believe the pandemic isn’t serious enough to change their everyday behavior or that the pandemic will disappear.

There are “Haws” who don’t enjoy paying attention to what is happening, but realize the risks associated with not adapting.

Just some food for thought.

What are your thoughts on this? Which character(s) do you tend to associate with the most?

With love,



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