One Girl’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Hello beautiful reader,

I am writing this post to share some of the tips & tricks I’ve learned over the years to maintain a healthy diet (not “diet” like “on a diet,” but “diet” like “what I normally eat.”)

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, dietary specialist, professional nutritionist nor literally any other type of authority on this topic, so consult your doctor before taking my advice. I just want to share what has helped me over the years.

So, without further ado, here is my guide to healthy eating:

  1. Eat for Your Health, Not for Your Appearance
    1. After eating healthier for a while, we can become discouraged if we don’t see physical changes right away, but remember to check in with yourself and notice how much better you FEEL.
    2. It’s not all about the number on the scale or your clothing sizes.
      1. These things can be very misleading & inconsistent.
  2. The Key is Finding Healthier Alternatives. Do Your Own Research.
    1. Care about the quality of food you are eating as it pertains to your health.
    2. Research healthier, organic and non-GMO alternatives to the foods you already eat.
    3. Some examples:
      1. If you want potato chips, try baked chips rather than fried chips. Same goes for French fries.
      2. If you want fried chicken, throw some breadcrumbs on the chicken and bake it! If you season your food right, you won’t even notice the difference.
  3. Speaking of Seasoning, “Healthy” Doesn’t Have to Mean “Bland.”
    1. I got this tip from my cousin when he was a vegetarian:
      1. Not used to eating so many veggies? Not sure how to season them? Season them the same way you would season meat.
        1. Sidenote: If you don’t season the meat you cook, start with garlic powder, onion powder and Sazón Tropical seasoning (the green one).
        2. Also, while I’m at it, clean the meat before you eat it by soaking it in vinegar & water. ALSO, clean your vegetables by soaking them in vinegar & water especially if you plan on eating them raw. Too many people don’t do this and it really makes me uncomfortable.
  4. Consider What Your Body Has to Say
    1. Dietary needs are definitely not a one-size-fits-all situation.
    2. Listen to your body when it comes to the food you eat rather than ONLY following other people’s dietary advice.
    3. Request an allergy panel. It’ll give you some insight into why you react certain ways to certain foods that are deemed “healthy.”
  5. Be Kind to Yourself
    1. Health isn’t just your diet, but your mental health as well. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Eat from a place of love, not from a place of punishment.
    2. We all eat food that is unhealthy. I’m not a fan of calling it a “cheat meal” because to me, it’s just a meal.
    3. One of the most encouraging things I’ve heard, pertaining to food, is this:
      1. If you eat fast food ever day for every meal, then, one day, you decide to eat a balanced, home-cooked meal, you’re not suddenly going to become significantly physically healthier from that ONE meal. Are you?
      2. Well, that works the same way for the opposite. If you are consistently making the effort to eat well for your health, then, one day, you decide to go off on a large, greasy pizza with all the toppings & sauces along with a side of cheesy bread and dessert to top it off, you’re not going to suddenly become significantly less healthy from that ONE meal. Enjoy that pizza boo!
  6. Celebrate your Effort as Much as You Celebrate Your Progress.
    1. Goals and milestones are great, but the in between is where the growth happens.
    2. Celebration doesn’t always need to be tied to seeking junk food as a reward either. It could literally just be a moment of recognition and saying, “thank you” to yourself.

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I hope you have a healthy day. What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

With love,



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