to the daydreamer: your best life

A note to the person who is learning how to be proud of where they are in their journey, right now, in this very moment regardless of how much further they believe they have to go:

I have this image in my mind of some future, more accomplished version of myself who has her life together. She has more money than I do. She has stronger, healthier relationships than I do, not just with others, but with herself. She’s not only content, but she is truly happy. I used to think, “I’m just over here trying to live my best life, but when I’m her, I’ll finally be living my best life. I’m just trying to get like her.”

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The truth is where you are is your life. The past, the future, and alternate realities are concepts. The phrase, “your best life” gives off the impression that you have infinite possibilities and if you choose the wrong path, you might arrive at a destination that was not the optimal one, a destination that is not “your best life.” But, your best life isn’t found at the destination. Your best life is found in living. Your best life is found here, now. All we ever have is the present.

How you feel about it determines whether or not you are already living your best life. That’s it. Not how other people feel about your life, not where you believe you can go from here, not even where you’ve been. But how you feel about your life right now, relative to nothing else.

It’s okay to not have it all together. It took me a long time to realize very few people have it all figured out. I don’t think most of us ever figure it all out. However, I believe the few people who seem to have it figured out prioritize their happiness. 

I genuinely believe happiness is so valuable. Far more valuable than money, attention or status. True happiness can’t be bought because it comes from within. Happiness is found in the present. I personally believe if you are living your life to the best of your ability, even if you haven’t found happiness yet, you are already living your best life.

What are your thoughts on this? Did this post show you a different perspective or did you already feel this way?

With love,


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