A Playlist for Your Soul

Hello beautiful reader,

I don’t know about you, but I’m an empath, so I’ve realized I have to be incredibly mindful about the information I’m taking in, especially recently.

A lot of painful news headlines and stories have been shared on our televisions and on social media lately.

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Healing might seem unnecessary if nothing you’re watching, listening to or reading about is directly happening to you, but it is important to be aware of the amount of pain you are consuming. We are what we eat and, if we continue to consume pain without allowing ourselves to process it, we might not even notice when we become numb to it.

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Heavy hearts, unfortunately, are a result of allowing ourselves to acknowledge and process the difficult times we, as a society, are experiencing. Everyone heals in different ways and as we grow, we continue to find coping mechanisms or “tools,” as my mentor says, that help us.

Music is one of my tools because it reminds me I’m not the only one feeling what I’m feeling. I made a playlist for you with some songs that bring me comfort, joy and hope. I hope these songs can do the same for you.

I’m always looking for new music recommendations, so please comment below with song titles that help to soothe your soul.

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With love,



Published by Morgan Peace

Morgan Peace is the author of Piece by Peace: A Collection of Musings. She had created this blog to share the pebbles of wisdom that she picks up on her journey. https://morganpeace.com/

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