Aren’t We All The Same Color?

I recently watched a video of a YouTuber (either Daily Chris or Jack Dail, I’ve forgotten which one) in which the topic of favorite colors was mentioned. Someone said their favorite color was black and he responded with, “…black isn’t a color, it’s a shade…”
This got me thinking and I remembered that my middle school math teacher had said we are all different shades of brown.
According to, black is:
“1. lacking hue and brightness; absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it.
2. characterized by absence of light; enveloped in darkness: a black night”
No one (not including people with possible medical disorders) is “white” nor is anyone “black”. If someone were truly “black”, that person would be invisible. The absence of light equals the absence of color.
In my humble opinion, we are all merely various shades of brown. Some of us just happen to have more melanin than others.

Just some food for thought.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Until next time,

Phoenix 🙂

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Morgan Peace is the author of Piece by Peace: A Collection of Musings. She had created this blog to share the pebbles of wisdom that she picks up on her journey.

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